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What is Vertebral Subluxation?

Vertebral Subluxation is a condition affecting your spinal cord. When a vertebra (bones that make up your spine) slights slips from its original position in […]

Bruised Back

Bruised Back is a result of a hematoma (clotting of blood) in an injured region of the back. Apart from hematoma, traumatic compression of the […]

TLSO Brace

TLSO Brace stands for Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis . It is nothing but a kind of support or brace to be worn to immobilize the back starting […]

Top 5 SI Joint Exercises

SI Joint Exercises are one of the best solutions for lower back pain. SI or sacroiliac joint is one of the two joints where your […]

Morphine Pump for Chronic Back Pain

Get rid of that chronic back pain instantly by surgically implanting Morphine Pump under the skin of your abdomen. You have tried all types of […]

Causes of Lower Back Pain with Diarrhea

Awareness of symptoms associated with a condition always proves handy in diagnosing it at the right time. The associated complications can also be reduced if […]

Can Pain after Car Accident Lead to Hip Pain Symptoms?

Pain after car accident can either remain latent for some time or can be present from the moment of the injury. While the signs of […]

What is Ovarian Cancer Back Pain?

According to an estimate, 1 in 55 women in the United States is at the risk of developing cancer in the ovaries. The disease is […]

What is Lung Cancer Back Pain?

Cancer is a dreadful disease notorious for the fact that its symptoms remain latent in the initial stages. Lung cancer back pain is one such […]

Middle Back Pain Causes and their Diagnosis

There are several direct and associated reasons for back pain in its different segments. Knowing about the possible causes can avoid complications from developing and […]

How Can Oxygen Deprivation Cause Back Pain?

Every cell, nerve and muscle in our body requires oxygen to function properly. Ischemia   or oxygen deprivation back pain is caused due to the […]

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Among most back pain diagnostics of late, thoracic outlet syndrome seems to be on the rise. The diagnosis of this syndrome is a controversial one […]

Trochanteric Belts-Spinal Brace for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

While sitting or standing, the upper body receives its support from the sacroiliac joint. But, over a period of time, the joint can wear out […]

Corset-A Spinal Brace to Treat Lower Back Pain

Corsets are a special kind of spinal brace used to treat lower back pain. There are various other types of braces available that can be […]

Does a C5 C6 Herniated Disc Cause any Back Pain?

The spinal cord consists of 23 vertebrae that are supported by discs in the inter vertebral space. Depending on the region of the herniated disc […]