Risk Factors

There are several risk factors of back pain which include genetics, age, lifestyle, posture, weight, smoking, pregnancy and occupational dangers. As said, back pain is so common that it can even affect even if there is no risk factor.

Age – Spine degeneration conditions such as spinal stenosis and disc degeneration advance with age producing back and neck pain. People above the age 30 – 40 are at greater risk for back pain. People of age 30 – 60 are at greater risk for disc related disorders and people above age 60 are likely to have osteoarthritis related back pain.

Genetics – Some types of spinal disorders get inherited from ancestors. For instance, degenerative disc disorder is an inherited condition.

Occupational dangers – Any work or job that needs repetitive lifting or bending and long hours of sitting without a support or standing without a break has a greater incidence of back pain. For instance, construction workers, nurses, software developers and barbers all experience back pain.