Back pain can be avoided by improving the body’s physical condition and practicing proper body mechanics.

For a healthy and strong back:

Exercise – Low-impact regular aerobic activities improve strength and endurance in the back and allow your muscles to function better. Best options are walking and swimming. Take an advice from your physician as to which activity to choose.

Build muscle strength and flexibility Back and abdominal muscle exercises condition the muscles making them work like a corset for the back. Flexibility in the upper legs and hips aligns your pelvic bones to improve the back.

Maintain a healthy weight – Overweight puts extra strain on the back muscles. Trimming down can help prevent back pain.


Use proper body mechanics

Stand Apt – Stand in a neutral pelvic position. When you stand for long periods, place your feet on a low footstool alternatively to take some load off the low back. Good standing posture removes the stress on the back muscles.

Sit Apt – Select a sitting position with proper lower back support, arms resting and a pivot base. Place any rolled towel or a pillow at your back. Keep changing your position often.

Lift Apt – Allow your legs to work while lifting any heavy object. Bend only your knees and keep the back straight. Learn to lift carefully.