Preparing For Appointment

If you are suffering from back pain that lasts for many days and not improving, you may refer your family doctor.

What you need to do?

It is always better if you prepare ahead by making a list of –

  • Personal information including emotional or mental stressors in your life
  • Data about the medical conditions you are suffering and the medications, supplements or vitamins you are taking
  • Information on any recent injuries you underwent that have damaged your back
  • Any more questions you want to clear with the doctor


What to expect from the physician?

Your physician may ask you a number of questions. The most probable questions may be –

  • When did you start your back pain?
  • How frequently you are suffering from back pain?
  • How much does your pain limit your ability to work?
  • Do you perform any heavy physical work?
  • How often you feel depressed?
  • How much stress you experience every day?
  • What treatments have you tried so far?
  • Are you presently being treated for any medical condition?