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Home Remedies for Sciatic Pain Relief

Self-care measures or home remedies respond well for the people suffering from sciatica. It has been noticed that after using these home remedies the condition heals quickly and patient returns back to usual activities. Although resting helps in the improvement of the condition but resting for the entire day is not a good idea. In the article below, we will be discussing some of the home remedies which are helpful in treating the condition effectively.

Home Remedies for Sciatic Pain Relief: Some of the home remedies for the sciatic pain relief are:

  • Application Cold Packs and Hot Packs:Application of cold packs is helpful in reducing inflammation and discomfort. In order to apply an ice pack, wrap some pieces of ice in a piece of cloth or in a plastic bag and apply it on the painful areas for nearly 20 minutes, several times in a day. Once the pain and discomfort reduces, application of heat pack can be carried out on the affected part. This can be carried out with the help of a heating pad or a heat lamp on low setting. In case the pain continues, then it is advisable to keep applying the warm and cold packs alternatively.
  • Intake of Potato Juice: Potato juice is considered as a best remedy for sciatica and gout conditions. Those patients who are suffering from sciatica can mix potato juice with some amount of celery juice. Even the juices of carrot and beetroot can also be mixed for effective results. At least 10 ounces of potato juice must be taken in a day for better results.
  • Intake of Water in Sufficient Amount: Water is a natural treatment method which is helpful in reducing the sciatic pain effectively. It increases the circulation of blood and helps in reducing sciatic pain. Celery tea is also an effective means for treating the condition of sciatic pain.
  • Intake of Elderberry: Elderberry can be taken in the form of tea or juice. It is considered as muscle relaxant.
  • Intake of Raw Garlic: Raw garlic is very helpful in reducing sciatic pain. It is because garlic keeps the body warm, enhances circulation of blood and reduces the pain and aches. Intake of garlic can be done in many forms like garlic can be taken in along with the milk, all you have to do is to chop a few cloves of garlic in about ½ a cup of milk and drink it regularly two times in a day. This combination will certainly yield result in a span of one week. But in case you are suffering from bleeding disorders or ulcers then it is advisable to be careful while taking this combination. Intake of garlic can also be carried out along with Vitamin B supplements.
  • Intake of Vitamin B Supplements: These are very much helpful in treating the condition of sciatic pain. Intake of Vitamin B supplements can be done by taking in the foods which have vitamin B in sufficient amount. Foods rich in vitamin B1 or Thiamine include – spinach, green peas, beef, pork, bananas, soy beans, nuts, whole-grain cereals, unpolished rice, legumes, and bread. Thus, it is important to take in a healthy and balanced diet containing foods rich in Vitamin B and salads, leafy vegetables, fresh red vegetables which are good for health.
  • Intake of Minced Horse Radish: It is a good home remedy in which fresh minced horse radish is applied as poultice. This poultice can be placed on the painful areas for an hour. This poultice stimulates the sciatic nerve and helps in reducing back pain.
  • Improve the Circulation of Blood: The best way to reduce sciatic pain is to improve the circulation of blood. This can be done by taking a long hot shower followed by a short cold shower. This will help in improving the circulation of blood. You can also take hot and cold compresses which will also improve the circulation of blood. Along with this try to maintain a proper posture of the body especially while lifting heavy objects or bending down, sleeps on a firm mattress.
  • Exercise Regularly: It is very important to exercise regularly. If you do not have enough time, then carry out only the stretching exercises. Make sure that you avoid twisting, bouncing, jerking your lower back. Initially it is advisable to carry out only the low impact exercises better go for stationary exercise like that on a bike or treadmill. Once the strength is gained then you can switch on to the low intensity aerobics exercises. A combined program of strength training, aerobics and strengthening helps in reducing the back pain even in aged people too.
  • Over the Counter Medication: Intake of painkillers is advisable in severe conditions. Painkillers are of two types: one which reduces only pain and the other which reduces both the pain and inflammation. Intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin and acetaminophen is helpful in reducing the condition of sciatica. Although these medicines are helpful in reducing pain but their effect is limited, moreover they carry side effects like stomach bleeding or ulcers, nausea and intake of acetaminophen could even cause liver problems too. It is advisable to take these medicines only on the advice of the doctor who will keep monitoring the situation from time to time.

The best treatment method for sciatica is to exercise regularly, and massage the affected part regularly to increase the circulation of blood in the affected part which in turn will reduce the sciatic pain.

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