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Reiki Practice for Sciatica Treatment

Reiki is a complete natural healing process to treat the condition of sciatica. The process of Reiki is an art of touch healing which a true alternative of spiritual medicine. The treatment of Reiki does not involve any medication, procedure or manipulation. This process comprises of only the healing touch and the transfer of spiritual energy of healing.

Practice of Reiki Sciatica Nerve:

The practice of Reiki is offered by physician, massage therapist, a chiropractor or any other healthcare practitioner who is trained in this application. This process is very simple where the mind of the patient is opened up by the practitioners in order to receive the healing energies through gentle touch and sends the energy called chi/qi which enables natural healing in the body.

Although the concept does look mystical but the fact is that the treatment yields good results for many people who are undergoing this treatment. The best part of this treatment is that it does not carry any risks or side effect and provides positive results to the patients.

Drawbacks of Reiki Sciatica Nerve:

Some of the drawbacks associated with Reiki sciatica nerve are:

The treatment of Reiki entirely depends upon placebo factor. So if the person does not have the faith in the treatment there are least chances of any benefit to the patient.

But if the patient believes in the fact the process of Reiki is similar to salvation there can be a chance of the patient’s recovery even after one session of Reiki itself. This becomes possible only by the power of mind which interacts with the body to begin the process of healing. Although there is no proper evidence to prove the physical part of the treatment but the fact is that the spiritual aspects play an important role in the healing process.

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