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What Is Annular Tear Of Lumbar

An Annular Tear of Lumbar occurs in an intervertebral disc located in the lumbar or lower part of the spine. This condition is commonly known as herniated disc. This condition is a form of degenerative disc disease which occurs when the inner gel like material is pushed and thrown out into the spinal canal.

This condition is generally caused as a part of natural aging process because the disc loses its water content and becomes thin and brittle with the passage of time, resulting in the deformation of the disc and becoming herniated.

Pains And Symptoms Of Annular Tear Of Lumbar:

Usually patients suffering from this condition suffer from low grade pain but the symptoms of pain are felt in:

  • Central part of the lower back which can extend up to legs and hips
  • The pain worsens if the patient keeps sitting for long hours or walks or even lay down.
  • The movements like twisting, bending or lifting worsen the pain badly.
  • Inflammation is also noticed in the lower back as the protein present in the disc irritates the nerves of the spine.
  • As the outer ring of the disc ruptures and is worn out, it won’t able to stretch properly, resulting in the absorption of the stress on the entire vertebral column.

Treatment Of Annular Tear Of Lumbar:

Some of the treatment methods of Annular Tear Of Lumbar are:

  • Exercise
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massages

These are conservative methods for treating pain but incase pain does not reduce then surgery is the only option left for treating back pain. Now-a-days several endoscopic and invasive methods are available which are considered as safe and effective procedures to get rid of back pain immediately.

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