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Herniated Disc Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is a blessing, but if you have a history of lower back pain then it can be a cause of concern for both the mother and the baby. Herniated Disc Pregnancy can cause risk for the baby and the mother even at the time of birth. In the article, below we will discuss

Herniated Disc Pregnancy

in detail.

Herniated Disc Pregnancy Facts:

Some of the facts associated with herniated disc pregnancy are:

  • This condition is very common and several women suffer from this condition every year.
  • Several women who are pregnant are not even aware of the fact that any herniation exists in their lumber spine.
  • The presence of pregnancy can not cause any serious threat or complication to the issues of discs in their body.
  • For those women who are aware of the presence of herniated disc in their lumbar can be tensed and suffer from some kind of psychological issue too.

Herniated Disc Concerns:

Some of the concerns associated with herniated disc are:

  • Most of the women who are pregnant usually suffer from the conditions of coccyx syndromes and lower back pain especially when they are in third trimester of pregnancy.
  • There are cause for lower back pain like nerve compression, psycho-emotional causations and structural issues. Moreover intense amount of stress during pregnancy period can also result in psychosomatic pain.
  • The women suffering from this condition can suffer from traumatic delivery experience for both the mother and the baby. While some mothers can have muscular injuries while pushing the baby down, others can have coccyx injuries while the head of the baby moves through the canal. These injuries take longer time to heal but are not related to herniated dis as well.

Thus, the above mentioned were some of the facts of

Herniated Disc Pregnancy


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