Back Pain

Bruised Back


Bruised Back

is a result of a hematoma (clotting of blood) in an injured region of the back. Apart from hematoma, traumatic compression of the back fibers causes bruise of soft tissues in the back. If it’s just a compression and bruise, it can be healed over a period of time, but if the injury is major, your doctor has to look for any other fractures or internal injuries.

Results of Traumatic Compression:

When a tissue gets stretched beyond its elasticity following a traumatic compression, the injured tissue might get teared or ripped. This condition is known as strain or sprain. This type of

Bruise of the Back

is a result of the sudden movement of your back with force enough to extend the back muscles beyond their point of elasticity.

Several medical conditions are attributed to cause

Bruised Back.

Some of these include:

  • Spinal Fracture:

This type of fracture can occur in any of the vertebrae that make up the spinal cord.

  • Traumatic Injury:

A serious injury caused to your body after it gets hit by a large object. E.g., Vehicle accidents.

  • Coagulopathy:

It is a blood disorder that does not allow your blood to clot easily.

  • Back Injury:

Any musculoskeletal injury caused to your upper, middle or lower back.

  • Pancreatitis:

This is a serious medical condition affecting the pancreas. Pancreas is a gland and an organ in the abdominal area. Pancreatitis is the inflammation of pancreas.

Therapeutic and Other Options for Bruised Back:

  • Make sure you

    choose the correct mattress

    for your 6-8 hour long sleeping period depending on the position you sleep.

  • If your work demands you to sit for long hours,

    get a comfortable chair with proper cushioning effect.

  • Wear

    soft supporting back braces

    that help in healing your Bruised Back.

  • Using handy

    massage devices

    that release lactic acid into the bruised soft tissue can help in relaxing the back muscles.

  • Analgesics

    in the form of sprays, ointments or creams can be used on the bruised area.

  • Minerals, vitamins

    and intake of


    can boost your immune system and speed up the process of recovery.

  • Exercise and yoga

    can be practiced regularly after seeking doctor’s advice.

Bruised Back

can drastically change your lifestyle. Hence it is always advisable to stay fit and healthy.

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