Back Pain

TLSO Brace

TLSO Brace

stands for

Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis

. It is nothing but a kind of support or brace to be worn to immobilize the back starting from thoracic and extending to sacral vertebrae. Vertebrae are the bones, which make up the spinal column. These braces carry the abdominal weight, thereby reducing the pressure on vertebrae of lumbar region and gradually decreasing the associated pain.

Body Jacket

is the other name of this brace. The main aim of wearing this brace is not only to immobilize the middle and lower back but also limit the entire back from twisting or bending backward and forward.

TLSO Brace

should be worn under doctor prescription to heal any spinal curvature formed during injuries. They are also worn by back fractured patients or by those who undergo spinal surgeries. The length of the duration for which the brace should be worn will depend on the patient’s severity of damage caused to spine. Generally, doctors advice their patients to wear the brace for at least three months.


Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis

could be a one-piece (front open) or a two-piece (side openings) design. A two-piece design consists of a front (anterior) and a back (posterior) section. The anterior section overlaps the posterior section along both the sides. The orthosis is custom made by taking the patient’s measurements and fabricating it to fit to his/her dimensions. In making this brace, hygienic, high quality and light weight materials are used. Rigid foam or thermoplastic is used as the outer shell and closed-cell polyethylene foam forms the soft lining.

How is a Two- Piece TLSO Brace Worn?

A second person’s help is needed while wearing the brace.

  • Wear a thin cotton shirt first.
  • After lying flat on your back, log roll on your side. Place the posterior section parallel to your spine and roll back into your previous position adjusting the brace.
  • Now place the anterior section and see to it that it is overlapping with the back section.
  • Fasten the Velcro to a comfortable tightness.

Well, now that you managed to wear the brace, you also need to make sure that you have positioned it properly. Just see to it that the side indentions of the jacket are exactly sitting in between your lower ribs and hipbones, parallel to your navel.

How To Wear One-Piece TLSO Brace?

  • Lie down flat on an even surface or on a bed.
  • Before putting on the brace, stretch our knees and hips as much as you can.
  • Now, with a second person’s help, slowly slide the brace until it reaches upper part of legs.
  • Keeping the brace open let your friend slip it under your buttocks.
  • While adjusting the position of the brace, see to it that the indents are fitting exactly between your last rib and your pelvic region.
  • To save time the next time your wear your brace, use a marker or pen to mark the position of Velcro straps at which your body is in a comfortable position.

TLSO Brace – Skin Problems:

  • Wearing a 100% cotton T-shirt will protect your skin from itching and rashes. If rashes persist keep changing the t-shirt at regular intervals.
  • Keep observing for redness of skin at bony elevations. If the brace is not positioned properly, it can result in the formation of bacteria.
  • After you bathe, see to it that your skin is totally dry before you wear the brace.
  • Certain skin powders and alcohol wipes help in decreasing the bacteria and moisture if any on the skin.

Wearing this brace can gradually restore the spine position in people with back injuries.

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