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Top 5 SI Joint Exercises

SI Joint Exercises

are one of the best solutions for lower back pain. SI or sacroiliac joint is one of the two joints where your tailbone (sacrum) and the hipbone (ilium) are connected together. This joint also acts as the body’s main nerve center. Tight bands or ligaments hold the joint together.

The gliding nature of this joint can sometimes cause pain in the back, buttocks and thighs if you walk, jump or sit in an improper sitting posture or even when you lie down. Some other factors like accidents, falls, pregnancy etc could also contribute to lower back pain. Also, over usage leads to wear and tear of cartilage in the joint. Under usage can cause stiffness and pain.

SI Joint Exercises

not only help in mobilizing but also stabilize the ligaments in SI joint. Do not perform the exercises on uneven floor.

Here are the top 5 exercises:

1. Knee Swing

Lie down with your back facing the floor. Now fold and bend your knees together, resting your feet on the floor. After getting into this position, start swinging your knees very gently from right to left and left to right, towards the floor. See to it that you are not lifting your lower back while swinging. Repeat this process 6 – 8 times.

2. Leg Whirl

Lie down on your stomach. Rest your head on your forearms. Make sure that your pubic bone is pressed against the floor and your abdominal muscles are tucked in. Now lift your right leg and bend it at the knee. Circle the bent leg in clockwise and anticlockwise manner. Repeat these steps with your leg positions interchanged. Perform 5 – 8 times with each leg.

3. Knee Stretch

Lie down with your back facing the floor and extend your legs. Now take deep exhalations. As you exhale, slowly lift the right knee, fold it and take it close to your chest. Remain in this position counting till 4. Then slowly bring the knee down. Repeat these steps with your left knee.

4. Knee Whirl

Lie down on the floor. See to it that the back is completely resting on the floor. Then rest the hands on the hip bones. Slowly and deeply exhaling, lift your legs and stretch your knees in a way that your legs are not bent. Now start circling the knees. When you are doing this your pelvis and hips should remain static. Repeat this exercise 5 – 8 times, in clockwise and anticlockwise manner.

5. Butterfly Stretch

Lie down with your back facing the floor. Bend both your knees together, and place your feet touching the ground comfortably. Now slowly spread your knees wide and gradually fall them to the ground. Stretch them towards the floor to the maximum i.e., as much as you can. Remain in this position for a count of 2-4. Then, squeeze your knees back to their original position while exhaling. You can perform this exercise 6 – 8 times. This exercise can be done with single knee as well.

You should always perform

SI Joint Exercises

under the consultation of a physician. Also, while exercising, do not pressurize your back, but see to it that the muscles are stretched properly.

Some simple precautions taken during daily activities can avoid stiffness and stress on your SI joint. Keep bending minimally at your waist to pick things off the floor. Try and avoid climbing and walking up steep inclines. Never burden one single leg by forcing the entire body weight on it when you are standing. Similarly do not put entire body weight on one hip while sitting.

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