Back Pain

Morphine Pump for Chronic Back Pain

Get rid of that chronic back pain instantly by surgically implanting

Morphine Pump

under the skin of your abdomen. You have tried all types of medications but in vain. Even strong painkillers have functioned for a while and gradually began to lose command on pain. What will you do then? Well, the only option available, also suggested by doctors as a last resort to uncontrollable pain is getting one of these pumps implanted.

What is a

Morphine Pump


Before getting an answer to this question, one needs to understand about spinal cord and its surroundings. Spinal cord is surrounded by a fluid filled space known as intrathecal space which at is always filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This fluid protects brain and spinal cord acting as a shock absorber.

Since spinal cord is the major organ affected in chronic back pain, the drugs entering the body directly into it have a solid impact when compared to the ones taken orally.

This is when

Morphine Pump

comes into picture.

It is also known as intrathecal drug pump, as it delivers the medicine directly into the CSF. The process is called intrathecal drug delivery.

The pump is a circular metal device, which is surgically placed under the abdominal skin just below the ribcage. Pump has a space inside it called reservoir which acts as a vessel into which the medicine is filled. A small tube known as catheter is connected the pump and placed in the CSF filled intrathecal space.

The device once implanted, can be programmed to deliver required amount of medicine, usually a special narcotic such as morphine, which in this case is preservative-free, directly into CSF and spinal cord. Depending on the changing needs, the pump can be reprogrammed to release different amounts of medication at different times of the day. As a matter of fact,

only 1/300th part of the medicine taken orally is sufficient to ease the pain when given through pump.

The reservoir can be refilled with the medicine, by doctor or nurse, using a needle, once it is emptied. Moreover, the pump rate can also be controlled by an external telemetry device.

Morphine Pump

has been implanted into several back pain victims and the results so far have been positive in most of them.

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