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Can Pain after Car Accident Lead to Hip Pain Symptoms?

Pain after car accident

can either remain latent for some time or can be present from the moment of the injury. While the signs of such injuries can either be physical or neurological, the explanation for them is not easily available from the doctors. This calls for awareness on the topic. Can

hip pain symptoms

be one of the pains after car accident? This article tries to gain further insight on the topic.

How a Car Accident Can Cause Hip Pain Symptoms?

Structures which are within the hip joint or surrounding it are the sources for pain in the region. The region contains low amount of fluids. When a trauma is received by this site, the surrounding space is filled with blood or other bodily fluids. This development leads to capsules of the hip being stretched. As a result, pain is experienced in the region.

Trauma in the lower back can cause swelling of the sciatica nerves. As these nerves have their root in the back and extend up to the hips, pain is felt in the latter region which originates from the former site.

The biggest challenge with hip pain is that its signs are non-specific. When traumas are received leading to pain after car accidents, multiple sites can get affected. It becomes difficult for the health care professional to pinpoint the exact cause of the pain.

What are the Hip Pain Symptoms?

  • Groin pain
  • Pain the legs
  • Back pain
  • Throbbing pain in the inner thighs
  • Pinched nerves in the lower back region
  • Knee pain
  • Limping


The hips are near the center of gravity of the whole body and bear a lot of its weight. A trauma in the region can lead to

hip pain symptoms

originating from the surrounding region. Knowledge of these signs can lead to a probable early diagnosis of the

pain after car accident


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