Back Pain

How Can Oxygen Deprivation Cause Back Pain?

Every cell, nerve and muscle in our body requires oxygen to function properly.




oxygen deprivation

back pain is caused due to the decrease of cellular oxygenation. The lack of oxygen can start symptoms instantaneously causing back pain in patients.

Oxygen Deprivation in Nerve Cells:

Autonomic, Sensory and Motor nerves when deprived of oxygen can cause a lot of problems like-

  • internal organ dysfunction
  • numbness and pain due to improper information transfer to the brain
  • numbness, weakness and pain in the associated muscles due to improper nerve signal transmission

On the whole,



or deprived oxygen to the nerve cells can lead to pain in the sciatic nerve or pinched nerve pain.

Deprivation of Oxygen in Muscular Cells:

When muscles lack oxygen supply, one of their important functions like metabolising waste products like lactic acid will be affected. This can lead to an acute or chronic pain especially in the lower back muscles.

The lack of oxygen in the muscles can cause the muscle spasms, which when become tight, can interfere with the adjacent nerves. this interference can lead to pinched nerve symptoms which can cause severe back pain.

Causes of Back Pain due to Deprived Oxygen:

Back pain, due to a lack of oxygen can be either due to a physical or a psychological injury to the back.

  • Muscle injuries to the back are common in physical injuries which cause severe pain in the back muscles. The injury would reduce the flow of blood into the affected region there by cutting down oxygen and increasing the time for recovery.
  • Back pain can also be due to several psychological reasons like stress, depression et. which have the potential to cut down oxygen supply. The role played by the mind in these cases is very crucial which could either increase or decrease the blood circulation to a particular region in the body.
  • Apart from these two, smoking can also affect the supply of blood oxygen. Smoke from nicotine and tobacco contain the harmful chemical CO (Carbon Monoxide) which can interfere with the oxygen in blood.


Physical injuries which lead to

oxygen deprivation

in muscles can be cured with the help of exercises, massage and heat therapies.

For psychological pains, knowledge therapy is the only option and this is quite a complicated process.

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