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Trochanteric Belts-Spinal Brace for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

While sitting or standing, the upper body receives its support from the sacroiliac joint. But, over a period of time, the joint can wear out and cause lower back pain. Trochanteric belts- a type of

spinal brace

are very much useful in alleviating the pain caused by a sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Spinal Brace for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction:

Very rarely does one have to undergo a surgery for worn out sacroiliac joints. There are many non-surgical options available that eliminate the need of a surgery.

One option among these non-surgical techniques is the usage of a trochanteric belt. There is also a special sacroiliac belt available for sacroiliac pains. Let us discuss the about the former here.

Trochanteric Belt:

When compared to corsets, the trochanteric belt is a much simpler one and is almost similar to the buckle belts we use for our trousers.

  • The only difference between the two would be that the normal belts are worn on the outside while the special ones should be worn underneath the garments.
  • About 3 inches wide, it is specially designed for fitting between the trochanters and the iliac crests. While trochanters are bony structures located right above the thigh bone, the iliac crests are situated on either side of the pelvis.
  • The sacroiliac joints when healthy are not prone to much movement, but when they get worn out they tend to displace more than they should which leads to lower back pain.
  • The belt compresses and stabilises these diseased joints which are located on either side of the spine’s base.
  • Also, this belt can be used for healing pelvic fractures as well.

What to Consider?:

It is only upon the suggestion of a orthotist that one should use this belt. Each belt has to be designed based on the requirement of the individual and the same belt would not be useful for a different person suffering from the same problem.

Apart from the trochanteric belt, the sacroiliac belt is also a special

spinal brace

that can be used to treat a joint dysfunction in the sacral region.

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