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Corset-A Spinal Brace to Treat Lower Back Pain

Corsets are a special kind of

spinal brace

used to treat lower back pain. There are various other types of braces available that can be used for back pain problems. But, pain in the lower back can be caused by various issues and it is based on these issues that a brace for the spine is suggested by doctors.

Corset-A Spinal Brace:

Let us first look at some issues responsible for low back pain where the use of a corset is usually suggested.

  • Fracture, injury or trauma
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal deformities like Scoliosis
  • Also, after a spinal surgery, enough rest for the back is required and this can be achieved by using a corset which helps in immobilising the back.

The Impact of Corsets:

As the term suggests, the spinal corsets look exactly similar to the corsets that women of the 18th and 19 the centuries used to wear. Only difference between the two is the comfort spinal corsets have to offer when compared to what the women used to wear.

  • Usually made of nylon or cotton, these ones can be either to the back, front or the sides. The corsets are usually worn over the shoulders and they cover both the back as well as the abdominal area.
  • When worn, the pressure on the abdomen is considerably increase there by reducing any the placement of weight over the spinal joints and vertebrae.
  • Once the stress is reduced, the spine is allowed to heal faster.
  • Also, this particular brace comes with metal bars (which can be removed if need be) that can improve posture by limiting mobility (useful after spinal surgeries).

What to Consider?:


spinal brace

is to be bought based on the suggestions of an



. Each brace would have to be tailored to suit the needs of its user.

  • Only such braces would be effective in providing the required relief and this is what an orthotist specialises in.

Also, the time-period for which one has to wear the brace would entirely depend on each individual’s condition. It is important to seek advise from your doctor about the proper usage of these braces.

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