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Does a C5 C6 Herniated Disc Cause any Back Pain?

The spinal cord consists of 23 vertebrae that are supported by discs in the inter vertebral space. Depending on the region of the herniated disc in the spinal cord, the limbs and other organs are affected. A

C5 C6 herniated disc

would cause severe pain in the neck, arms and shoulder. Also, the nerves leading to the chest, lungs, heart and sinuses are affected.

C5 C6 Herniated Disc:

One interesting thing to note about herniated discs is, it is the nerves that cause the pain and not the disc itself.

  • The pressure applied on the adjacent nerves by the herniated discs is what causes extreme pain.
  • In this particular case of disc herniation of the C5 C6, a person would experience severe neck pain along with chest pains, headaches, weakness in arms, breathing problems, jaw pain and sinus issues.
  • There is not much back pain as the nerves affected have nothing to do with the back.

Causes of a C5 C6 Herniation:

Sports injuries and car accidents are the primary causes of this disc problem.

  • Apart from injuries related to trauma, sleeping with more than one pillow underneath the neck could also affect these discs.
  • Also, spinal deterioration over time can lead to this disc problem.


The initial treatment for this disc problem would be medication. Muscle relaxants and painkillers can bring some temporary relief.

  • But, the best option would be physical therapy. Physical therapy combined with massage therapy and chiropractic treatment can be very useful in providing a long-term relief.
  • Corticosteroid and epidural injections can be a good option for relieving pain, but these steroids come with side-effects that can affect other organs such as the liver. Steroids can also lead to joint deterioration (the reason why only 3 injections are suggested in a year).
  • Surgery would only be a last resort, but this option does not have a promising result. Only a 16 percent of the people who underwent a surgery experienced any relief.
  • Acupuncture can be considered, as this has no possible side-effects.


C5 C6 herniated disc

mostly concerns the neck and not the back. Hence, there would be no serious back pain issues in this particular disc herniation.

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  1. When you have a herniated disk you may also experience neck pain. You will probably experience neck pain especially if you have ruptured your disc.

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