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Posture Exercises for Lordosis of the Spine and Swayback Posture

The spinal cord possesses a curvy nature which allows it to be flexible as well as act as a shock absorber.

Lordosis of the spine

is a case where a person would possess abnormal curvature in the lower back region. This convex curvature would cause them to stoop forward as their lower abdomen and pelvis would be tilting forward.

The upper back would remain absolutely normal but due to the swayback posture, pressure on the lower back is increases which can lead to lower back pain.

Posture Exercises:

Lordosis of the spine

or possessing a swayback posture causes pain not only in the back, but also in the leg joints. It is necessary to do some posture exercises to avoid the effects of swayback.

Tips for Employees:

Employees who suffer from lordosis and are ridden to their desks as part of the work should be very careful.

  • Lordosis requires standing more than sitting to rectify the problem. Standing allows the muscles in the lower body to stretch there by alleviating the pressure placed on it.
  • If the job requires sitting, it is important to take timely breaks (at least every 15 minutes) to stand and stretch.
  • Employees who work at desks can help keep the back straight by kneeling in front of their desks. This exercise is also helpful for stretching the back.


Lordosis sufferers can practice two very easy exercises.

  • Lie on your back and bring your knees closer to the chest. Keep the knees tightly over the chest and try holding for at least one minute, if not less.
  • The next exercise involves kneeling on one leg while keeping the other leg up. Do normal lunging forward. This increases the flexibility of the back. Try doing the same with both the legs unless you feel the pull.


No medication is as good as exercising. Exercises can rectify lordosis quiet dramatically.

  • Abdominal crunches can help lordosis in the most efficient way as they help in the loosening of hip flexors.
  • Swaying the legs from side to side also loosens them up.

Lordosis of the spine

can be prevented and its effects restricted through a routine of exercises that would also improve the posture along with alleviating pain.

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