Back Pain

Treating a Swayback Posture

The human spine is actually curvaceous in shape. This shape is necessary as it gives flexibility to the spine and allows it to be shock proof. But, abnormal curves like in a

swayback posture

can weaken or tighten the muscles in the hips and the back. This can cause back, leg and hip pain along with affecting the bladder and bowel functions.

It is important that this issue is addressed as quickly as possible.

Treating a Swayback Posture:

It is important that any issues related to posture be addressed immediately. This problem with a swayback can be found in the elderly, pregnant women and sometimes even in young children.

  • Severe and persistent pain in the leg, hip or back for no apparent reason needs a doctor’s attention. Sometimes in children an abnormal shape of the back is pretty evident along with the pain, a doctor would be able to diagnose the actual problem.
  • Usually doctors need to perform a physical examination of the spine. Imaging devices such as X-rays and MRI scans can help the doctors in analyzing the spine and the adjacent tissues. In case of a chronic pain, pain relieving medications would be suggested appropriately.
  • A doctor would also suggest a physical therapist for alleviating pain and retracting posture. A therapist can provide the necessary exercises which would stretch, relax and strengthen the tightened or weakened muscles. Exercises can improve the scope of motion, alleviate pain and correct the posture.
  • Abnormal postures related to swayback can be dealt with the help of chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatment would correct the lumbar region in the spine which automatically reduces the pain and helps in increasing the mobility.
  • It is important to pay frequent visits to the doctor or specialist at regular intervals to check for progress. The relief is usually not instantaneous and would require a few months time for achieving the results.


swayback posture

can be effectively treated when there is enough commitment from the patient’s side as well. Regular exercises are necessary along with treatment to increase muscle strength and mobility along with correcting the posture.

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