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What is a Swayback Posture?

The amount of wear and tear the human spine suffers can cause it to misalign. Especially after reaching fifty or in pregnant women the posture can be severely affected. A

swayback posture

is one such spinal misalignment. The posture not only affects the back but the knee and hip joints as well.

Characteristics of Swayback Posture:

Let us understand how a person would look in this posture.

  • The head would tend to seem forward.
  • The upper back is increasingly flexed.
  • The ribs would be pushed behind the hips.
  • The pelvis is actually tilted backwards.
  • The hip and the knee joints are extended.
  • Overall, the body of the person would seem forward with the trunk lagging behind, the chest would have sunk in and the hip would seemingly be forwarded.
  • The abnormal posture can lead to complications in normal people as the spine is not used to this kind of posture and most often leads to back pain.

Pilates Exercise for Swayback Posture:

Since the head is pushed forward and the back tends to go weak, the muscles in the neck and the lower back would tighten up. It is important that these muscles are stretched in order to alleviate the tightness and pain.

  • Performing

    pilates exercise

    with the help of a trainer would ensure safety along with improving the posture tremendously.

  • It is important to make sure that the hips and ribs are aligned properly while performing exercises like standing and sitting.
  • It is also important to use a raised platform for performing sitting exercises.
  • A trainer’s help is required in order to understand the development of posture and the alignment. In the process of training, one would be able to contemplate issues regarding body shape in space which can be corrected. Also, postures while sitting in a chair or while driving can be self adjusted.

Swayback posture

would not only cause the body to look abnormal but can lead to pains in the neck, back and the legs as well.

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