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What is Disc Dessication?

Each inter vertebral disc has a fluid in the central portion. The high fluid content in these discs give spongy an soft quality which allows them to act like a shock absorber and a cushion between the successive vertebrae. As a person grows older, this fluid reduces and thus, the disc becomes hard and dry. This results in back pain in the areas corresponding to the inter vertebral disc dessication because the discs are not able to act like shock absorbers and also the vertebrae experiences friction. Also, dessicated disc is a common problem among the people above 60 years of age. Apart from these, repeated injury, strain and trauma also lead to this condition.

Muscle imbalance also leads to disc dessication. If certain muscles are stronger than the others in the surrounding areas, it leads to muscle imbalance. This results in postural dysfunction which puts excess load on the discs in some spine areas. These discs undergo continuous wear and tear and thus, becomes weak which results in contact with nerves running through the spinal cord leading to pain. Most treatment options aim at strengthening the muscles for relieving too much stress which is created on these inter vertebral dessicated disc.

Treatment for Disc Dessication:

Although, surgery is an effective treatment for disc dessication, one must also look into other treatment options. Following are some of the treatment options for dessicated disc:

  • Massage Therapy:

    This relaxes the muscles surrounding the afflicted area and thus, relieves some pressure from the discs in that particular region.

  • Exercises:

    Some low impact exercises may ease the pain. Often, these are back exercises which build muscle strength as well as alleviates the flexibility and range of motion. Water aerobics are very useful for treating disc dessication because effect of these are minimally felt. Weight loss can also be another impact of these exercises. This decreases the pain which a person experiences because of disc dessication.

  • Medications:

    Relaxants and pain killers can also be taken. These give temporary relief from pain, but must be taken only after consulting a doctor.

  • Chiropractic treatment and physical therapy aggravates flexibility of the body and thus, eases the pain. Mostly physical therapist suggests stretching exercises.
  • Surgery:

    Surgery is best treatment option for chronic or severe pain cases. Surgeries are used for treating one part of dessicated disc in bulging disc case. However, sometimes artificial disc replacement may be needed. If other treatments fail, surgery is the best treatment option for relieving discomfort and pain of the dessicated disc.

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  1. What Excercises are are recommended when L4-L5 andL5-S1 inter-vertebral dics are dessicated.

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