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Lower Back Cramps

Lower back cramps may be elucidated as the sharp pain experienced deep in the back. In some cases, the cramp is focused in a particular area such as left side, right side or center. Pain may range from mild to severe. Cramps in the lower back can be experienced due to the damage caused to the ligaments or muscles in the lumbar back region. This is either because of muscle sprain or strain in the ligament. Often, muscle strain is considered as a pulled muscle. In this condition, muscles are stretched excessively and may cause damage to fibers. Ligaments are fibrous connective tissues which join muscles with the joint and bones.

Lower Back Cramps – Causes and Treatments:

This section gives information about the causes of cramps in the lower back which occur in any individual. Sometimes, this is due to some serious health conditions, while it could be a minor issuer in other cases. General causes for lower back cramps include:

  • Nerve damage:

    If the cramps in the lower back are due to nerve tissue damage, then the symptoms may include tingling, burning and numbness sensation at the back that gradually move on to the legs too. Common factors which put excess pressure on nerve roots and may cause cramps are defects of vertebrae such as spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis, herniated discs, narrowing of the spinal canal due to aging and vertebrae fracture. It is extremely difficult to manage these kind of cramps as general procedures for relieving back pain don’t have any effect on them. To heal nerve pain, muscle relaxants may be appropriate. Certain stretching exercises must be performed for releasing tension as the cramp subsides.

  • Injury:

    Often, cramps in lumbar back are caused due to injuries. Pain starts all of a sudden in this case. One may get injury in the ligaments and muscles of the lumbar back because of trauma and while doing exercises, wrong bending technique or playing sports. Minor injury can be relieved by taking rest, pain relievers and physical therapy.

  • Other causes:

    Lumbar back cramps may also develop due to kidney problems, dehydration, hormonal disorders, diseases such as anemia, diabetes, etc. Deficiency of vital minerals such as magnesium and potassium may lead to muscle cramps in the lower back. Dehydration and adverse effects of certain medicines may also trigger lower back cramps. In these cases, physicians must be consulted for identifying the exact cause and thereby, treatment should be given.

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