Back Pain

Rollerblading and Back Pain

Roller-blading is a popular activity which helps to burn calories, and improve and tone fitness levels. But, what can you do if you get back pain due to roller-blading? Read on to know the solutions.

Prevent back pain

To maintain the flexibility of your muscles, stretch them after working out. The best method to prevent leg and back pain is to exercise the back muscles. Warm up before you begin roller-blading. This will increase blood flow to your connective tissues, tendons and muscles. Start your roller-blading session with a 10-minute warm-up at an easy and slow pace.

Cool Down After Roller-blading

After warming up, do a few leg stretches to tone your thighs, quads and hamstring. After this, do trunk twists. Gently stretch your arm and upper body to prevent back pain and strain. After your roller-blading session, cool down and stretch to improve your fitness and avoid back pain. After your workout, your muscles become warm and tired. So, stretch your muscles to maintain and increase flexibility.

Prone to back pain

If you are prone to back pain, consult a fitness professional for advice on useful warm-up and cooling down exercises. Prevention and safety beforehand can help avoid expensive therapy and recovery time. Start easy, and slowly increase the duration of your workouts. Listen to your body’s signals. If you experience pain, seek professional help immediately. Take up other activities such as yoga, pilates, running, walking and weight training to complement your roller-blading sessions.

Roller-blading Basics

Roller-blading is easy to learn and an useful low-impact activity. It can help improve balance, endurance, muscle strength and fitness levels. But, ensure you have the correct equipment and safety gear. Besides, basic skating skills are necessary to avoid back pain and injury. The roller-blades need to fit comfortably and snugly. The store personnel can help you buy the right pair. To start with, look for a group in your area that offers lessons as well as support and guidance.

Watch Your Form

Pay due attention to your posture while roller-blading. Do regular strengthening and stretching of your back muscles to avoid back pain, strain and injury. Skating blogs can give useful suggestions for proper posture. Lower your shoulders and bend the knees to make your stride relaxed. This would help prevent health issues due to back pain.

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