Back Pain

Stabbing Back Pain

Severe, stabbing pain in the back could be a symptom of a more serious condition. This article gives information on the causes and treatment for stabbing pain in the lower and upper back.

Causes of Stabbing Back Pain

Sometimes, minor stabbing back pain can be due to incorrect postures while sitting and sleeping. There could be more serious causes which are outlined below.


Injury is a common cause. It could be due to a fall or accident, leading to severe pain in the back. Other causes are lifting heavy objects, lying down and sudden bending which could also injure back muscles. Ligament sprain and muscle spasms are more causes.

Herniated Disc

This condition is also known as slipped or ruptured disc. It occurs when a disc situated between vertebrae, ruptures or slips. Herniated disc could occur because of aging, injury or accident. The pain starts in the back and spreads to the legs. Sciatica is another major cause for stabbing back pain.

Kidney Stone

There are two kinds of kidney stones: uric acid stones and calcium stones. They form when the level of uric acid or calcium increases in the body. Calcium stones are formed by taking too much calcium supplements, or a high protein diet. Kidney stones are also caused by drinking less water than is required. The symptoms of kidney stones are pain while urinating, and aching in the lower abdomen.


This degenerative disease is a result of lowered bone mass and density. Contributing causes are hormones, diet and aging. Osteoporosis is a premier cause of stabbing back pain.

Treatment for Stabbing Back Pain

The treatment depends on the seriousness of the cause. In minor cases, pain killers can be used, while severe conditions may need surgery. Small kidney stones can be treated with medications, while larger stones need to be removed by surgery. Osteoporosis is treated with hormone and physical therapy, and medications. After treatment, exercises and yoga can help one get complete relief from stabbing back pain.

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