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Post Epidural Back Pain – Reasons and Tips to Deal

What are the reasons for post epidural back pain?

During cesarean surgery epidural (upper layer of the skin) gets accumulated in the spine leading to post epidural back pain. The back pain after cesarean is also caused by muscular imbalance during the surgery. This imbalance essentially results due to shifting of burden from abdominal muscles to back muscles. This is because the abdominal muscles are wide open. The wide opening of the abdomen is facilitated by the overextension of the pelvic muscles. The spinal and pelvic bones are greatly disturbed due to this.

Tips to Deal with Post Epidural Back Pain

The following tips are given to deal with C-section related back pain:

Choose the right mattress

Use a mattress which has an even surface. The mattress should not be too soft for your spine. It must at the same time should not be too hard to bear. Specially designed mattresses such as innerspring, memory foam, air, latex foam mattresses are available in the market. Take the advice of either your doctor or chiropractor before you zero in on a particular specially designed mattress.

Alternate hot and cold remedies

Give your body hot and cold remedies alternately. Just lie on heating pad for half an hour or so. Subsequently replace the heating pad with ice pack.

Go for hot bath

Having hot bath is a time tested relieving method for back pain. Just add some epsom salt and allow it to dissolve in the water, before taking the bath. This gives you a great deal of relief.

Pilates are the best exercises for post epidural back pain

Last but not least, pilates are the best exercises for back pain after cesarean. These strengthen the abdominal muscles which are subjected to great deal of strain during C-section. This is accomplished by stretching the back muscles. These exercises are light. So, perfect exercises during the course of recovery after C-section.

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