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Curved Spine – Exercises & Braces to Treat Curved Spine

Scoliosis is the most predominant cause of curved spine. There are three basic types of scoliosis called functional, degeneration and neuromuscular. The excruciating pain caused by an undercurrent tumor makes the individual to tilt the spin sideways. This will lead to curved spine.

Curved spine results either due to a physical deformity such as unequal legs, or a functional deformity such as muscle spasm. The degenerative symptoms that lead to curved spine may be may crop up either due to birth defect or old age. The process of degeneration that occurs due to old age is irreversible. The curved spine that occurs as a birth defect is mostly neuromuscular in nature. This usually occurs when the bones of the spine are not properly formed.

Exercises for Curved Spine

The exercises that are recommended for curved spine are only aimed at addressing the problem of discomfort. There is no cure for curved spine. These are mostly back stretching exercises, aimed at strengthening the spinal chord.

The following are some of the recommended exercises:

  • Calisthenics (a form simple exercises offering great variety, performed without using any heavy stuff) are ideal for individuals with curved spine.
  • Yoga and tai chi are two of the most common forms of alternative exercise therapies that are suggested for relieving the pain due to curved spine.

Braces to Treat Curved Spine

Braces are proved to be quite effective in treating the curved spine. These are quite useful in enabling the individuals to get on with their day to day activities. Braces not only prevent the curves from getting worse but also prevent them during formative stages.

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) recommends the use of braces especially in growing children. These are quite useful when the deformity is below 30 degrees. Light weight braces which are barely visible and can simply be tucked in clothes are available.

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