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Gall Bladder Back Pain

The back pain that occurs due to inflammation of gall bladder is called gall bladder back pain. Gall bladder back pain is the most common symptom of gall bladder infection. This infection usually occurs in women. The pain is variable, ranging from being moderate to severe.

How do you know that you have gall bladder back pain?

The pain occurs at the center of spinal chord and radiates from there. It is severely crippling, so much so that the affected person can neither sit nor stand. The excruciating pain may even lead to difficulty and pain during breathing.

The pain is usually intermittent and lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. The pain normally spreads to shoulders also. Severe pain is often noticed in shoulder blades.

The gall bladder back pain occurs due to a condition called biliary colic. The biliary colic occurs due to blocking of small duct by gall stones, which are mixtures of cholesterol, calcium and bile pigments. This small duct is the passage through which bile passes from gall bladder to small intestine.


The general treatment that is given for curing back pain, does not work well for gall bladder back pain, because the pain occurs neither due to trauma nor stress nor strain of muscles and the root cause is different from the usual causes of back pain. So, the common treatment methods used to treat back pain only offer temporary relief.

Usually the back pain becomes a secondary symptom and the root cause due to which it occurs become primary. So, the doctor aims at treating the undercurrent disorder which led to back pain in the first place. Only then the pain can be eliminated altogether.

Normally ultrasound is used to diagnose and screen the presence of gall stones. The prognosis is usually very good.

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