Back Pain

The Myofacial Pain – Causes, Screening Methods and Treatment

The muscles of back sometimes get injured due to prolonged irritation. This leads to swelling (inflammation) and pain. This phenomenon is called myofacitis.

Among the initial causes, excessive strain leading to painful tearing of muscle fibers, is the most common one. Some of the preexisting conditions such as epigenetic (random) factors may also lead to injury. The classical example of random pain is fibromyalgia where multiple muscles of the body are subjected to constant irritation without any known factor.

There is a well designed screening system in place for mayofacial pain that occurs due to injury. But unfortunately there is no systematic screening mechanism for detecting the pain that occurs due to repetitive and excessive strain. The strain occurs due to many reasons. The most common reason is sleeping in an improper posture. This tightens the muscles over a period of time. This leads to moderate swelling and nagging pain.

In case of injury related pain, it takes approximately 5 days for the formation of scars. The scar forms a kind of gum putting together the damaged tissue. The scar formation often extends to months and then to years depending on the severity of the back pain. The scar tissue usually breaks the moment the healing is completed. However in case of long persisting pain the scar does not recede.

Treatment for Myofacial Pain

The initial treatment is provided by way of offering necessary support and protection to strained muscles. This helps in lessening the burden on muscles and reducing swelling and pain. The support is provided in the form of standard exercises.

However, exercise alone is not sufficient for preventing the recurrence of pain. So, along with exercises other treatment options such as ultra sound massage and chiropractic adjustments are considered.


The symptomatic expression of myofacial pain is not always uniform. So, thorough medical supervision is quite essential. Your doctor is the right person to provide the right treatment for you.

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