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Colon Cancer and Back Pain

Back pain sometimes may be due to colon cancer. Colon cancer is one of the most common health hazards among women in America. Though lifestyle factors and old age seem to be the predominant causes of back ache till now, some instances of prognosis suggest that the back pain may actually occur due to colon cancer.

Colon cancer related back pain is not a typical symptom of common occurrence. It is an advanced stage symptom. It occurs when the passageway through the colon gets affected. The peristalsis (wavy motions) of colon muscles get affected. Because of this the contractions and relaxations of these muscles get affected. It obstructs the passage of the fecal matter through the colon.

The back pain which arises as a result of peristalsis failure is not a constantly occurring, but an occasionally occurring nagging pain. Due to immobility, the fecal matter gets stuck up in the passageway itself. Due to this the person develops constant discomfort and feels the need for continuous emptying of bowels. Because of this the person spends too much of a time in bathroom. This greatly affects the quality of the affected person. Both abdominal and back pain occur simultaneously.

However in case of back ache, associated with colon cancer the general medications that are given to cure back pain become irrelevant. For temporary relief some exercises are suggested. The colon cancer associated back pain may be either middle back pain or lower back pain.

Along with cancer medication, alternative therapies for back pain such as acupuncture could be used. Until the permanent solution is arrived at, by tracing the root cause that is the colon cancer, temporary relief is given. The moral support given by the various back pain supportive groups also plays a key role in this regard.

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