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What is Axial Back Pain?

Axial back pain is a type of lower back pain. Pain in the lower back may be due to nerve or muscle irritation, or lesions of the bones. These are usually caused by trauma or injury in the back. There are also other causes of back pain and the extent of the pain is dependent upon the cause.

Axial back pain may be sharp or dull, and could be constant or intermittent. It is worsened by taking part in sports or by sitting for a long time. Adequate rest relieves the pain. Axial back pain only affects the lower back and does not move to any other part.


It is difficult to pinpoint the actual reason behind axial back pain. This is because there are numerous causes such as damage to tendons, muscles, ligaments and soft tissues, or facet joint problems, or a degenerated disc. Therefore, if you experience lower back pain, consult a doctor to prevent major complications such as fracture, infection or tumor.


Normally, axial back pain can be cured in about six weeks. If this does not happen, additional diagnosis and testing are required to pinpoint and treat the cause of pain. There are many non-surgical treatment options for axial back pain. These include:

  • Medications suggested by a doctor
  • Application of hot bag or ice pack to relieve pain
  • Stretching, exercise and physical therapy
  • Adequate periods of rest

Facet Joints

Facet joints are the joints located between the vertebrae, which provide flexibility and stability. Problems in the facet joints are one of the reasons for axial back pain. To treat these problems, facet rhizotomy may be required.

Facet Rhizotomy

In this procedure, a needle having an electrode tip is placed around the nerves of the facet joints. The electrode tip heats up and stuns the nerves, thereby preventing the reception of pain signals. This treatment is a viable option for axial back pain.

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