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Correct Bending and Lifting Techniques for Back Pain Sufferers

Bending and lifting are connected to back pain. Correct bending and lifting techniques can help manage back pain. But, wrong techniques can worsen the pain. Therefore, it is important for back pain sufferers to learn the right bending and lifting techniques. Read on to learn a few do’s and dont’s to make sure you are bending and lifting right.


  • While lifting objects, use your buttock and leg muscles for support.
  • Bend your knees while lifting heavy objects. This tactic makes sure your spine is in the correct position.
  • Your trunk should be vertical when you lift. If your trunk is horizontal, it puts the spine under pressure.
  • Take breaks frequently while lifting objects. This helps reduce weakness and fatigue in the back muscles. Frequent breaks also rejuvenate your muscles, thus providing more energy.
  • Lift objects with both hands. This divides the load and the pressure, preventing your back from straining, which would happen if you lift with one hand.
  • Lift objects according to your body weight. Avoid lifting very heavy objects, as this may cause back pain.


  • While lifting, ensure the object is close to the body. In fact, the object should not be more than eight inches from the body.
  • Never lift things above chest height as this could strain the spine and create pain.
  • Do not twist your body while lifting. Keep your spine and body straight as this offers additional support to the back.
  • Never lift objects with your feet close together. Ensure that your feet are apart for proper balance.
  • Do not make your neck tense while lifting. Tense neck muscles affect the back. So, ensure your neck is relaxed during lifting.

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