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Coccygectomy Surgery – Complications

Coccygectomy surgery is done for removing the tailbone or coccyx for patients suffering from coccyx pain. Surgery is reserved for cancer or malignancy tumors or whose coccyx fails to respond to the nonsurgical treatments like, use of seat cushions, medications and local injections given under the guidance of fluoroscope.

In human beings, coccygectomy is last treatment option for coccydynia, however considered as the necessary treatment option for sacrococcygeal teratoma and also for other tumors associated with germ cells that arise from tailbone.


The most common complication with coccygectomy is the infection at surgical portion. Infections are common after the surgeries but this is due to surgery site is closer to the anus and colon. Hence, leads to contamination of bacteria at the site of surgery, by the bacteria from patient’s stool, that is bowel movements. Coccygectomy might result in repeated surgery at the same site for treating the infection. This infection is seen in nearly 20% of patients who undergone coccygectomy.

Another common complication is the continuous pain at surgical site and also fails to relieve coccyx pain which patient was suffering prior to the surgery.

For preserving normal defecation, normally coccygectomy accompanies with re-attachment (this is also called “


”) of perineum and two levator ani muscles. These are the parts of pelvic floor.

The rare complication in adults is that who undergo this surgery is subsequent to coccygeal or perineal hernia. Bowel and other pelvic organs bulge downwards and also out of pelvis from the weakened pelvic floor. This is not reported by the persons who had coccygectomy as a child or baby. Mild version of hernia prolapses from pelvic floor.

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