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What is Tailbone Pain? – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, Prevention

Most people complain about tailbone pain. Tailbone is also known as “


”. This is the vestigial tail remains which existed in prior species, earlier to Homo Sapiens. Tailbone pain may be debilitating and chronic. Pain in tail bone is also known as “

coccygodynia or coccydynia



The following list gives some symptoms of tailbone pain.

  • Pain during bowel movements
  • Pain while lying or sitting on back
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Some sciatica symptoms like numbness or tingling pain in legs, inflammation


Here are some common causes of tailbone or coccydynia pain.

  • Incorrect posture
  • Bending for long periods over the desk
  • Faulty ways of carrying and lifting heavy objects
  • Standing for long periods
  • Using high heels
  • Faulty ways of sitting and sleeping
  • Carrying heavy loads regularly
  • Being over exerted
  • Not maintaining the muscles strong


The following are some measures for preventing the tailbone pain.

  • Maintain a good posture while standing, walking and sitting. While sitting on the chair, sit straight. Knees ought to be higher than the hips.
  • Do not use stuffed chairs and soft sofas. If job involves sitting for long periods, then move around for every 20 – 25 minutes.
  • Never lift heavy objects, if required sit on the knees and lift the objects.
  • Do not stand in one position if standing for longer periods. High heels should be avoided and do not lean against anything.
  • Reduce fat in the diet. Take nutritious food that includes sufficient amounts of calcium, Vitamin D and minerals.
  • If the bed has a sag in the middle, it causes back pain. To avoid this use a firm mattress for sleeping. Do not sleep on stomach.


Many treatments for tailbone disorder are similar to lumbar pain. Firstly, conservative symptomatic treatments are attempted, hoping that pain will be reduced.

The following treatments can be used for coccyx pain.

  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Epidural Injections
  • Medicine

Various products are also available for treating the tailbone pain. These include donuts, special cushions and other products which relieve the pressure while sitting. These ease the pain while sitting.

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  2. When it comes to snoozing, all I need is a fine mattress and I’m fine!

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