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What is Radicular Pain? – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments of Radicular Pain

Radicular pain is described as the sciatica that is usually steady and deep. This is reproduced by several activities such as sitting and walking. This is accompanied with numbness, loss of specific relaxes, tingling and, muscle weakness. This is mostly experienced in the legs because of sciatic nerves. This pain also radiates into the extreme low covering calf, foot and, thighs.

Causes of Radicular pain:

Radicular pain is caused by compression in some high lumbar nerve roots. Sciatica is the most common symptom of the radicular pain. This is caused due to spinal nerve compression in the lower back. This pain is often called as “



Injury, compression and, inflammation in the lumbar back are the main causes of radicular pain. Other causes for radicular pain may be

  • Injuries to nerve roots
  • Diabetes
  • Narrowing of hole from which spinal nerve exit because of bone spurs and arthritis
  • Nerve compression along with herniated disc

Radicular Pain Symptoms:

The symptoms of radicular pain include

  • Pain and lack of sensation, sense of weakness in lower and upper regions of body such as legs and arms.
  • The pain may range from dull, throbbing to complex pain. Burning sensation and sharp shooting pain is also experienced.

Treatments For Radicular Pain:

Generally, conservative treatment is given for curing the radicular pain. This includes spinal injections, medications, physical therapy and other treatments. The treatment is given for 6 – 8 months. If these medications and other treatments fail in curing the pain,

decompression surgery such as “discectomy and laminectomy

” are suggested mainly. This surgery has the success rate of nearly 85 – 90 percent. Back surgery also gives relief from the radicular pain. If nerve compression is not observed in the CT scan or MRI scan, back surgery is not suggested because it might be a failure.

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