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What is Lumbar Spine Arthritis?

Lumbar spine arthritis is the most common problem that leads to different symptoms. This is mostly observed in the older people, but can affect all age groups. The following people are more prone for having arthritis of lumbar spine.

  • Obese individuals
  • People with previous spine injuries
  • Older patients
  • Heavy laborers

Where does Spine Arthritis occur?

Lumbar spine arthritis occurs in the joints which connect each vertebrae or spinal segment. In three places, these vertebrae are connected. The vertebrae are split by the spinal disc which is cushion like, in front of the spine. Behind the spine, vertebrae are connected by facet joints i.e., small joints. The facet joints along with spinal disc, helps in spine movements which includes, arching the back, bending and twisting sideways.

Spinal movements become stiff and painful, as the facet joints become arthritic. This is often seen with other spine disorders like,

  • Disc Degeneration:

    The discs wear out, as the facet joints wear out in spine arthritic conditions. Often, facet arthritis proceeds with the lumbar spine disc disorders.

  • Spinal Stenosis:

    Often, this is seen with lumbar spine arthritis patients. As lumbar spine arthritis progress, nerves become pinched, thus leads to spinal stenosis symptoms. These symptoms can include numbness, difficulty in walking, tingling and, leg pain.

Symptoms of Lumbar Spine Arthritis:

Lumbar Spine Arthritis often causes lumbar pain and stiffness in lower back. Often patients observe that their back is stiff in early hours as they get out of bed and can become loose over the course of day. Often, these symptoms worsen with strenuous and prolonged activity.

When arthritis of lumbar facet joint worsens, tissues swell from inflammation, nerves around the joints become pinched and, joints form bone spurs. This condition is called as spinal stenosis, that is often seen in lumbar arthritis patients. They feel the common spinal stenosis symptoms.

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  2. i have been diagnosed with mild arthritis of the lumbar spine. some days i hurt so bad that i can hardly stand it!!! i also have numbness in my left thigh that has been there for more than a month. should i be more concerned. i have tried to get some kind of pain relief from the doctor but at this moment, he is not prescribing anything.

  3. Hi I was diagnosed with it too just two days ago and could hardly walk it was so painful but the medication is helping me a bit, i feel a naging pain at night when trying to sleep

  4. Hi, I’m a sufferer too.. It does not seem to get better. I was diagnosed with all of the above clear down to a synovial cyst (shown clearly on MRI). Dr said surgery laminectomy and fusion. New MRI shows cyst diappeared? and lots and lots of fluid build up now. The promise of feeling better was taken away and now they are recommending more steroid shots.
    I’ve had 5 this year already and this makes me want to cry. I can’t stand the pain in the back, butt and legs. Even Norco fails me these days. Hope springs eternal though. Maybe more steroid shots will let me get my life back. I sure hope so……

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