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What Are The Best Sleeping Positions For Back Pain?

Though, sleeping is an instinctive activity, few sleeping positions help in relieving the back pain. If the rest is taken in an improper position each night for 6 – 8 hours, you do not the the quality of sleep you require. A best sleep position may help you to awake you in more energetic, refreshing and, also prepare you well to face the day activities.

Best Sleep Positions:

Here are some best sleep positions to relieve the back pain.

Sleeping On Your Side:

Draw your legs slightly towards the chest and place a pillow between the legs, while sleeping on your side. If you prefer, use full-length body pillows.

This is the best position, if you are suffering from osteoarthritis in the spinal cord, spinal stenosis, that is, a narrowing pain in spine and hip pain.

Sleeping On Abdomen:

Its hard to sleep on the abdomen. If you cannot sleep on any position, reduce the stress on the back. Place a pillow below the lower abdomen and pelvis. If this does not strain your back, place a pillow under the head. If it causes strain, try to sleep without the pillow under the head.

If you are suffering from herniated disc or degenerative disc, this is the best position to sleep.

Sleeping On Back:

Place a pillow under the knees, to maintain the normal curve of lumbar back. You can also try by rolling a small towel and placing it under the lower back for additional support. Use pillow to support neck. This lowers the lower back pain.

Mattresses and Recliners:

On what you sleep also affects the comforts of the sleep. Adjusting your sleeping position alone does not reduce the back pain. Adjust the sleeping surface also. Firmness in mattresses is also a best choice. Sleep on medium firm mattress, if you are suffering from chronic lower back pain. Try foam mattress pad, if you have brusitis in the hips. This reduces pain.

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