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What is Tension Myositis Syndrome?- Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments

Tension Myositis Syndrome was named by Dr. John Sarno of New York University. This refers to the chronic back, neck and, shoulder pain without any evident physiological cause. While, treatment and diagnosis is not accepted universally by the medical community. Dr. Sarno was successful in treating the chronic back pain patients who had slight relief from other remedies or treatments.

Tension Myositis Syndrome Causes:

This is a psychosomatic illness, that is, an illness caused by the mental factor, but not by the physical one. Sarno treated several patients with muscle pain and incurable back pain. Those patients were not cured with conventional medicines. After complete check up, he found that muscular pain and chronic phantom pain sufferers also dealt with repressed emotions, particularly anger. He surmised that the pain was generated by the “

socially acceptable distraction

” and was also caused by the brain that restricts blood flow to the affected regions. Dr. Sarno said that nearly 95 percent chronic back pains are caused by the Tension Myositis Syndrome.

Tension Myositis Syndrome Symptoms:

These signs mostly focus on the shoulder, neck and, back pain that originate in the muscles. The pain can also be experienced in the feet, legs, knees and other places. This is a chronic pain and conventional treatments give temporary relief from pain.

Diagnosis For Tension Myositis Syndrome:

A detailed medical examination is performed on the patients suffering from chronic pain or chronic lumbar pain. These tests are performed to know the underlying causes, like tomors, muscular or skeletal disorders and, herniated discs. If the cause is determined, treatment for tension myositis syndrome may be given.

Treatment for Tension Myositis Syndrome:

As this is caused by the psychosomatic disorder, Dr. Sarno’s treatment was very educational. He educated the patients about the disorder and the affects of the disorder. Once the patient realizes that the disorder is caused not by the underlying condition, he stops them from using conventional medicines.

Patient must confront the causes for stress in lives. Doctor prescribes some other unconventional treatments like relaxation training, cognitive behavior programs and meditation.

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