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Low Back Pain as a Sign of Early Labor

The low back pain can occur as a sign of early labor. It is popularly known as back labor.

The primary signs and symptoms of early labor are:

  • Braxton Hicks contractions which are more frequent
  • Lingering back pain
  • A slight drop in the baby’s position
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Cervical discharge in an increased rate

Types of Low Back Pain During Early Labor

According to the specialists, there are two types of back pain during pregnancy.

Lumbar Pain:

It occurs in the lower vertebrae of the lower back. It is felt in an intense manner during the contractions in the early labor.

Posterior Pelvic Pain:

It occurs in the back of the pelvis. It is common that some women will have both pelvic pain and low back pain.

The low back pain is experienced as a result of the pressure inserted from the the uterus. It affects the lower back and the pain is very common at the time of labor.

How to Deal with Low Back Pain During Labor?

There is no standard way of preventing back pain during labor. But it can be reduced by following some of the methods. They are:

  • Try to get up on all fours to reduce the amount of pressure inserted to the spine
  • Try to do pelvic exercises and pelvic tilts to decrease the low back pain
  • Get a lower back mild massage or rub during contractions from the labor coach
  • Manage to take a shower in the warm water
  • Ask your doctor to give an epidural injection for pain relief if you don’t prefer a natural child birth

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