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Neural Foraminal Stenosis

Neural Foramen

Neural foramen is an entrance between the vertebrae. It is that part of vertebrae through which the spinal nerve roots enter and exit to the other parts of the body. The neutral foramen is constructed in a narrow manner. Neural Foraminal Stenosis takes place when there is a compression in the nerve root of the spine.

Neural Foraminal Stenosis

Neural foraminal stenosis can occur in any part of the spine. It occurs due to a press or compression or constriction in the spinal nerve roots. It can also occur as a result of foraminal herniation of the disc, osteophyte or due to collision in the disc space. Neural foraminal stenosis is mostly found in people who are above the age of 55.

As told in the above line, neural foraminal stenosis is a common problem found in the elderly people. A neural foraminal stenosis can be diagnosed with

Symptoms of Cervical Neural Foraminal Stenosis

Cervical neural foraminal stenosis affects the upper back area and neck.
The primary symptoms of cervical neural foraminal stenosis are:

  • Radiating pain
  • Pain experienced with low to high degree
  • Numbness on the cervical back region
  • Tingling sensation

Neural foraminal stenosis of the lumbar and cervical spine is a condition which needs immediate medical attention. A surgical treatment procedure may be needed to treat stenosis.
Surgery is the much depended treatment method for stenosis of the lumbar or cervical neural foramen. It can treat the disc herniation and compression of the spinal nerve roots. Taking pain medications will partially reduce the pain and discomfort.

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  4. I have just been dianosed with a mild degree of neural foraminal stenosis at C3/4. Your article throws a little light but I would like to know long term prognosis for myself. Are there any natural treatments that may avoid surgery in the short/long term handling of this problem? You can contact me on the above email or phone home on 07-46 365 387. Thanks Alice

  5. I have just received my MRI report stating the following:

    At C5/6, broad disc bulging noted, extending into the neural foramina bilaterally. There is moderate to severe right neural foraminal stenosis at this level.
    At C6/7, broad disc bulging and left hypertrophic change noted wit severe left neural foraminal stenosis.

    What kind of treatment will I have to undergo for this? I was originally told microsurgery, but I am currently waiting on the neurosurgeon’s analysis. Please advise? I would like an idea of what I’m in for. Thanks.

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