Back Pain

Visceral Pain

The visceral pain is the most common type of physical pain experienced in the body. The physical pains experienced by human body is divided into three types. They are somatic pain, neuropathic pain and visceral pain.

Viscera is a term used to explain the internal parts of the body that are enclosed in a cavity. Visceral pain is felt in the internal parts or internal organs or the pain experienced in the body tissues. It happens when there is an inflammation or injury occurred in the tissues of the internal organs and internal body parts. It affects the heart, lungs and is also found in thoracic cavity. It also affects reproductive organs and bladder in the pelvic cavity, spleen, kidneys found in abdominal activities, and digestive organs.

Visceral Fat and Back Pain

Visceral pain is felt as a squeezing sensation or pressure that radiates through out the cavity. The intensity of the pain may vary to mild to severe to unbearable. It depends upon the effect on the pain receptors which caution the brain about the problem. The nature of the visceral pain is used to determine or diagnose the various disorders and diseases.

The primary organs which are sensitive to visceral pain than other internal body parts are stomach, bladder etc. A minor injury caused to the bladder, stomach etc may create severe pain. It can be a referred pain or unreferred pain. Referred visceral pain is difficult to pinpoint. It is treated after doing additional diagnosis.

A few examples of visceral pain are stomach pain, indigestion, constipation, menstrual cramps, appendicitis, gall stones and pain caused by cancer.

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