Back Pain

Sudden Jerks Cause Back Pain

Sudden jerks or movements and back pain are closely associated with each other. In fact making sudden jerks is one of the common causes of back pain.

Usually sudden jerky movements occur while lifting heavy objects. It is generally thought that back pain is caused due to the heavy weight of the object. However the pain is caused due to jerky movements made while lifting and improper techniques of lifting.

It is important that you know the proper techniques of lifting. When you don’t apply these techniques, you suddenly make jerky movements that cause back pain.

How you can avoid jerky movements to avoid back pain?

  • Avoid sudden lifting and putting of a heavy load on the ground.
  • Make slow movements while carrying weight and put it slowly on the ground.
  • Avoid twisting and keep your whole body facing towards the weight while lifting.
  • Make a strong grip on the object to avoid jerky movements.
  • In case when you turn yourself to reach an object, turn your entire body. Avoid turning from the waist. This results in sudden jerky movements and back pain.

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